Sat 10th April '10

Oh the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day for the volunteers of the Kilburn Library Garden group to come out and do some gardening!
We had just had our meeting to talk about things generally happening with the project, the next garden training day and our Open Day on May 15th.Things on all those fronts seem to be ticking along nicely. Lets just hope we get good weather on the day of the Open day and a good turn out for both of the events.
We were all doing our bits in the garden, watering, planting and digging.
I nominated myself to do the digging,which is my fave’ along with Jay.
We even got an over friendly Robin redbreast, who kept coming over to where we were working. I think he was being protective over his territory!
We decided to give him his glory, and took some pics of him to put on the website.
So look out for our nominated mascot, Robin redbreast.
Still finding lots of interesting things in all the rubble.
Good days work, was done by all.

Carol S