New Fence

Has been installed

Reading Tree - June 2010

Reading Tree
On 10th June - with help from “Operation Payback” the raised bed for the reading tree was built.
We also had help form our youngest volunteer - Sid, who was on hand to help with proceedings!

Open Day 2010

Our Open Day on 15th May was a great Success

Kilburn Library Garden held it’s Open Day on 15 May from 12pm to 4pm in brilliant sunshine. This was your chance to check out the garden’s exciting transformation from abandoned dumping ground behind the Kilburn Library  to a bright and peaceful space for the whole community to enjoy. There was a plant sale, children’s games, a tombola, and  tea and home made cakes.  

Local businesses also kindly donated tea coffee and cakes  which helped to make the day a huge success

In two years, a rotating group of around 30 volunteers has dug up over one tonne of rubbish, cut down and wood-chipped five old/self seeded  trees, built and planted a dozen raised beds, and even attracted a self-seeding sunflower and some chirpy chappies in the form of some very local robin’s.  

All of their hard work paid off and the garden is really started taking shape this spring. It now looks like a proper retreat, and the library and the volunteers hope to start welcoming the general community soon. 

There are two spots behind the library that are being transformed: a quiet garden, planted with annuals, perennials and fruit trees where users of the library can sit and relax or read and enjoy some fine weather. A separate area outside of the garden will be for children and children’s learning activities centered around a flowering reading tree. 

The volunteer group still needs to acquire materials for seating, fencing and paving, as well as bulbs, seedlings and fruit trees.
Kilburn Library Garden is always looking for ways to fund it’s activites, as we are currently unfunded. The project was able to start by a grant from the councillors neighbourhood working fund, as it is not funded by brent council, although they fully support what we are trying to do with the garden.
We are also always looking for enthusiastic people to come along and help. 

Guess The Sweets Winner:
Kate Fitzgerald

Please see here for pix and how it went!


1st May 2010

The Garden 1st May 2010

Work in The Garden 10th April 2010

And a cheeky Robin came to visit!

Sat 10th April '10

Oh the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day for the volunteers of the Kilburn Library Garden group to come out and do some gardening!
We had just had our meeting to talk about things generally happening with the project, the next garden training day and our Open Day on May 15th.Things on all those fronts seem to be ticking along nicely. Lets just hope we get good weather on the day of the Open day and a good turn out for both of the events.
We were all doing our bits in the garden, watering, planting and digging.
I nominated myself to do the digging,which is my fave’ along with Jay.
We even got an over friendly Robin redbreast, who kept coming over to where we were working. I think he was being protective over his territory!
We decided to give him his glory, and took some pics of him to put on the website.
So look out for our nominated mascot, Robin redbreast.
Still finding lots of interesting things in all the rubble.
Good days work, was done by all.

Carol S